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The central pillar of the Hourglass research portfolio – company-specific research that covers everything you need to know on the exciting businesses we’re analyzing. Research articles dive into:

Company History

Business Model & Products

CEO & Management Team

Industry & Addressable Market

Competitors & Threats

Valuation & Investment Opportunity

If you’re interested in investing in one of the companies we research, or are looking for new investment opportunities, than our analysis is a must-have research tool.


Dentalcorp is the leading serial acquirer in a fragmented and resilient healthcare industry. With revenues of $1bn and a $20bn TAM, dentalcorp has lots of investment and growth potential in a boring market.


XPEL sells, distributes, and install paint protection films. Shares have been hammered over threats to their competitive advantage. Buying opportunity? Or red flag?


A North American leader in the dying envelope industry. Extreme value opportunity or waiting death trap?


Aritzia - A vertically-integrated fashion design & retail brand going through tough times. Does it spell opportunity or indicate a longer-term concern for investors?

WSP Global

WSP Global - a consolidator of engineering, environment, & consulting firms with a global presence, an eye on future growth, and a vision of a climate-resilient future.


Diving into a company that's revolutionizing drug and materials discovery with machine learning & computational physics

Unity Software

Unity provides an end-to-end platform for digital creators, from film to games to industry. They are a leading provider of some of the world's most advanced creative technologies, helping to enable the creator economy in some of the fastest-growing and exciting markets.


Through gamification and savvy marketing, Duolingo has succeeded where other education platforms have fallen short - making learning fun. Learn about the language learning powerhouse and its visionary leader.

Planet Labs

Planet Labs is changing the satellite business model - one picture at a time. With the largest commercial constellation of Earth Observation satellites in orbit, Planet helps to monitor changes to Earth's surface through daily imagery.

Arista Networks

Arista is working to provide the backbone to the next generation of computing technology, creating innovative cloud infrastructure while dethroning incumbent networking titans. They offer a picks & shovels approach to investing in AI, but their path to future growth isn't without risk.

Stem, Inc.

Stem, Inc. is establishing itself as a first-mover in a burgeoning industry and critical industry for society's transition to renewable energy - energy storage. It's all the buzz, but Stem offers a unique angle for investing in it - AI software for managing solar and wind assets.

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