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The Hourglass research series is the core pillar of Hourglass – company-specific deep dives that cover a company’s history, balance sheet, business model, and management team & the stock’s valuation and investment potential.

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The Hourglass Investing Podcast releases episodes every Wednesday morning, with alternating episodes on investing topics and company analysis. 

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A First Look at Jamieson Wellness - a small-cap Canadian company with significant industry tailwinds and a potentially massive growth opportunity ahead. With an international footprint that includes two of the largest markets for its signature vitamin and supplement products, Jamieson could be poised for extended growth runway.

From a small cap investor's wildest fantasy to a 30% plunge, XPEL shares have been getting hammered recently. I dove into the company to see if the recent price action represented an investment opportunity - the verdict? I passed on the stock.

Research Portfolio

WSP Global

WSP Global - a consolidator of engineering, environment, & consulting firms with a global presence, an eye on future growth, and a vision of a climate-resilient future.


Diving into a company that's revolutionizing drug and materials discovery with machine learning & computational physics

Unity Software

Unity provides an end-to-end platform for digital creators, from film to games to industry. They are a leading provider of some of the world's most advanced creative technologies, helping to enable the creator economy in some of the fastest-growing and exciting markets.


Through gamification and savvy marketing, Duolingo has succeeded where other education platforms have fallen short - making learning fun. Learn about the language learning powerhouse and its visionary leader.


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