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The Hourglass research series is the core pillar of Hourglass – company-specific deep dives that cover a company’s history, balance sheet, business model, and management team & the stock’s valuation and investment potential.

Hourglass Investing Podcast

The Hourglass Investing Podcast releases episodes every Wednesday morning, with alternating episodes on investing topics and company analysis. 

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Research Portfolio

Planet Labs

Planet Labs is changing the satellite business model - one picture at a time. With the largest commercial constellation of Earth Observation satellites in orbit, Planet helps to monitor changes to Earth's surface through daily imagery.

Arista Networks

Arista is working to provide the backbone to the next generation of computing technology, creating innovative cloud infrastructure while dethroning incumbent networking titans. They offer a picks & shovels approach to investing in AI, but their path to future growth isn't without risk.

Stem, Inc.

Stem, Inc. is establishing itself as a first-mover in a burgeoning industry and critical industry for society's transition to renewable energy - energy storage. It's all the buzz, but Stem offers a unique angle for investing in it - AI software for managing solar and wind assets.


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