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Sometimes a trouble tells investors to stay away. But sometimes, trouble spells opportunity. Let’s dive into the troubled business of Aritzia to find out if a turnaround is in store, or the company has darker times ahead.

Find the Aritzia deep dive article here.


They were likely arguing about it while the Great Pyramids were being built – is the dividend or growth approach to investing superior? What many often fail to appreciate in the debate are personal tolerances and taxes. Let’s dive into the age-old debate.

Unity Software has built an engine that powers creators across gaming, film, and industry – but their management team threatens to tear down the brilliant product and attractive business model with moves that manage to peeve just about everyone involved.

People often say that small-cap investors have an edge over other self-directed investors. But why is this? Should we all be small-cap investors? Explore the advantages of small-cap investing in this episode, where I discuss the growth potential of lesser-known & smaller stocks and the potential drawbacks to a small-cap approach.
Duolingo is a language-learning powerhouse on the path to transforming itself into a full education platform. Today’s episode dives into their products, balance sheet, and the potential investment opportunity behind Duolingo. Find the Duolingo research article here.
Every investor can, and should, learn from the greats. Their unique approaches to the market, their strategies, insights, and investing criteria are invaluable for investors looking to build, and improve, their own investment strategies. Today’s episode is going over some of the greatest investors in the game – the Mt. Rushmore of modern investing.
Diving into a backbone play for every buzzword you can imagine – AI, cloud, data. You name it, Arista Networks is providing a picks and shovels approach to the space. A beautiful balance sheet meets an innovative and brilliant management team. Find the Arista Networks research article here.
Planet is a company that revolutionized the business model for satellites with a new approach, which the visionary founders dubbed ‘agile aerospace’. The business builds mass-manufacturable, compact satellites that they have deployed in a constellation in orbit around Earth, providing daily imagery and detailed tasking capabilities to customers across a broad range of industries and use cases. Find the Planet Labs research article here.

Commodities have dictated the success or failure of civilizations for centuries. The commodity of our modern times takes a slightly different form – data is the new dominant resource, and is now shaping what many are calling the ‘Age of Information’. This episode dives into data, why it’s important, and some of the companies changing the way we interact with it.


Looking into Stem, Inc., a company making software solutions to solve storage and intermittency issues in the renewable energy space. Find the Stem research article here.

An Introduction to the Hourglass Network podcast series – who are we and what we’re all about.

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