Episode VII-Duolingo

Duolingo is a language-learning powerhouse on the path to transforming itself into a full education platform. Today’s episode dives into their products, balance sheet, and the potential investment opportunity behind Duolingo.

Episode V – Arista Networks

Diving into a backbone play for every buzzword you can imagine – AI, cloud, data. You name it, Arista Networks is providing a picks and shovels approach to the space. A beautiful balance sheet meets an innovative and brilliant management team.

Episode III – The New Gold Rush

Commodities have dictated the success or failure of civilizations for centuries. The commodity of our modern times takes a slightly different form – data is the new dominant resource, and is now shaping what many are calling the ‘Age of Information’. This episode dives into data, why it’s important, and some of the companies changing the way we interact with it.


Through gamification and savvy marketing, Duolingo has succeeded where other education platforms have fallen short – making learning fun. Learn about the language learning powerhouse and its visionary leader.

Planet Labs

Planet Labs is changing the satellite business model – one picture at a time. With the largest commercial constellation of Earth Observation satellites in orbit, Planet helps to monitor changes to Earth’s surface through daily imagery.

Arista Networks

Arista is working to provide the backbone to the next generation of computing technology, creating innovative cloud infrastructure while dethroning incumbent networking titans. They offer a picks & shovels approach to investing in AI, but their path to future growth isn’t without risk.

Stem, Inc.

Stem, Inc. is establishing itself as a first-mover in a burgeoning industry and critical industry for society’s transition to renewable energy – energy storage. It’s all the buzz, but Stem offers a unique angle for investing in it – AI software for managing solar and wind assets.