Dentalcorp is the leading serial acquirer in a fragmented and resilient healthcare industry. With revenues of $1bn and a $20bn TAM, dentalcorp has lots of investment and growth potential in a boring market.

Jamieson Wellness ($JWEL.TO) – Balancing Health & Wealth?

A First Look at Jamieson Wellness – a small-cap Canadian company with significant industry tailwinds and a potentially massive growth opportunity ahead. With an international footprint that includes two of the largest markets for its signature vitamin and supplement products, Jamieson could be poised for extended growth runway.

XPEL ($XPEL) – A Small Cap Love Story Turned Sour

From a small cap investor’s wildest fantasy to a 30% plunge, XPEL shares have been getting hammered recently. I dove into the company to see if the recent price action represented an investment opportunity – the verdict? I passed on the stock.


XPEL sells, distributes, and install paint protection films. Shares have been hammered over threats to their competitive advantage. Buying opportunity? Or red flag?

Episode VIII – What is the Small Cap Advantage?

People often say that small-cap investors have an edge over other self-directed investors. But why is this? Should we all be small-cap investors? Explore the advantages of small-cap investing in this episode, where I discuss the growth potential of lesser-known & smaller stocks and the potential drawbacks to a small-cap approach.
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